Ayurvedic- Trishala (Slimming Oil)200 Ml - Forest Essentials

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Ayurvedic- Trishala (Slimming Oil)200 Ml - Forest Essentials
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Product details : Special Features : Forest Essentials Trishala Slimming Oil Contains Warm And Enriching Properties Of Selected Herbs That Help In Slimming And Toning. It Works By Heating The Surrounding Area Which Stimulates Blood And Lymph Flow And Turns Fat Into A Fatty Acid, Which Would, Ingrediants : Cold Pressed Organic Sesame Oil, Sendhav Salt, Nagarmotha, Ajvain, Vidang, Shunthi, Kulath, Haridra, Trikatu, Palash Phool, Peepal Chaal And Ashwagandha, How To Use : It Is Use To Massage All Over Body With Gentle Firm Strokes. Leave For Preferably An Hour Before A Bath For Maximum Absorption Of Nutrients.
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