Eco Friendly Magic Washing Detergent Free Ball

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Eco Friendly Magic Washing Detergent Free Ball
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Product details : Product Features : One set of eco green laundry balls washes a daily load of laundry for up to three years! green laundry balls are the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to wash clothes without detergent. just 2 eco green laundry balls will clean the same as 25 bottles of laundry soapthats over 1,000 washes. regular detergent costs over 40 cents per wash. eco green laundry balls cost only 3 cents per wash. dont waste hundreds of dollars on laundry detergent. just drop the reusable eco green laundry balls in your washing machine. powerful natural ceramics in the ball change the ph of water to that of detergent, allowing the water to soften and penetrate fabrics., Warranty : One month vendor warranty for manufacturing defects, In The Box : One detergent free ball