Endura Mass Weight Gainer - Vanilla (1kg)

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Endura Mass Weight Gainer - Vanilla (1kg)
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Product details : Brand: Endura Model No.: Bg 03. Besides your normal diet, endure mass has the capacity of providing 3480 additional calories every single day. this insanely powerful muscle building compound works wonders on a bodybuilder. regular consumers experience noticeable strength gains within a very short period. this supplement provides you the exact amount of nutrition, not too much, neither too less just the right amount required to build muscles. features:flavour: vanila has ability to construct nucleus of cells in body helps to revitalize cells visible results within just three weeks of proper usage it is like an anabolic booster designed to fuel body with required calories per day purely natural and does not have any side effects 100% vegetarian dosageconsume before expiry of its date and consult a doctor if you experience any...
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