Foldable 3 Wheels Kids Scooter

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Foldable 3 Wheels Kids Scooter
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Product details : Features kids super scooter with leg brakes and led lights may come inside the wheels. this new foldable 3-wheeler scooter is just the ride, you may be looking for. this scooter is fitted with leg brakes to control your speed. you can also increase or decrease the length of the handle to suit your ride. runs at great speed on smooth roads. it's an owner's pride. the very good exercising and energizing machine. light weight. completely foldable. height adjustable. easy & immediate assembly three wheels. models, colors and cartoon figures may vary & shall be sent as per availability but features will remain more or less same. being an  product, no warranty shall be given. in case of non-working of led lights in wheels happens, it will not be treated as manufacturing defect.