Hawai Sheer Elegance Black & Red Cotton Tant Saree

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Hawai Sheer Elegance Black & Red Cotton Tant Saree
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Product details : Feature : Red is the color that defines a woman"s real self and makes her look appealing. red and black color is the most desired combo. bengali cotton sarees are commonly called tant sarees. bengali sarees are very famous amongst the modern-day indian women. bengali sarees are mostly fabricated in cotton material, and available in an array of shade, patterns and texture. this saree is renowned for its transparency and weightlessness. it is worn mostly on all casual and formal gatherings. the charisma and intricate designs of bengali sarees has lured people all over india and also across the globe. after each wash and charak polish, you will find it as good as new. it is mostly suitable to be worn in hot and humid climate where this cotton papery material complements your skin and persona....
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