Hawaiian Herbal Stem Cell Plus Capsule

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Hawaiian Herbal Stem Cell Plus Capsule
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Product details : Product Features : Hawaiian stem cell plus capsule result of great work of siddhidatri multi trade enterprisers in partner with hawaiian herbals, hawaii usa, that found out the great supporting effect of vitamin d3, green tea, blueberry extract and l-carnosine in enhancing the proliferation of stem cells: cd34 , cd133 in circulating blood in addition to their supplementary effects. green tea: of reducing the cholesterol, weight management, maintaining normal functioning of digestive & respiratory system. vit.d3: immune boosting & supporting normal cell functioning. blueberry extract: add extra boost of its anti-oxidating properties & hence fight against aging. l-carnosine: strengthens the muscle vitality being an important dipeptide of skeletal muscle tissue. as expected, gm-csf increased bone...
Hawaiian Stem Cell Plus Capsule
Hawaiian Stem Cell Plus Tablet