Inatur Herbals Fairness Day Cream

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Inatur Herbals Fairness Day Cream
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Product details : A unique formula by inatur that has 100% plant derived actives to prevent melanin production. it has a unique combination of uva/uvb absorbers and sucrose dilaurate that prevent skin melanogenesis and pigmentation. regular usage of this product for 7 days makes skin fairer and complexion lighter.   it contains basil- that helps in skin conditioning and brings glow, fenugreek- which is a rich source of vitamin c and good as an anti-blemish and anti-marks, blackberry- has powerful skin lightening properties and brings fairness, liquorice- that lightens hyper pigmentation, is anti-inflammatory and brings fairness, brahmi- an anti-oxidant that retards ageing, mulberry- regulates melanin synthesis thus reducing dark spots and blemishes, orange peel- beneficial for curing pigmentation and sunburns,...
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