Jovees Rose Skin Toner (200 Ml)

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Jovees Rose Skin Toner (200 Ml)
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Product details : You're longing for that healthy glow on your face, jovees comes with a rose skin tone to give you that natural glow. for all those men and women longing for that beautiful skin, this skin toner will be their apt choice. the jovees rose skin toner is enriched with ingredients like rose petals, sage, lemongrass and chamomile will keep your skin healthy. also, rose petals will leave a wonderful fragrance on your skin. chamomile will add the accurate amount of moisture to your skin. besides leaving your skin hydrated, this natural rose skin toner will tone your skin in the most unique way. your skin will be thoroughly nourished with this jovees skin toner. additionally, this skin toner will help in ph balancing and will give you that soft and supple skin. you can bid farewell to your that greasy...
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