Maxtop Magic Massager For Full Body Massage.

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Maxtop Magic Massager For Full Body Massage.
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Product details : Product Features : Massage or massage may be one alternative to eliminate fatigue. massage also can eliminate stress. performed while massaging pressure on certain points in the muscle (pressure point), is said to improve blood circulation until you feel fit again. with massage can also trigger the release of endorphins (chemicals that relieve pain neuro). as a result, pain and impeded blood flow and oxygen to the affected area increases. this causes the muscle to relax (rest) and help healing. how to use body massager: fitting of mesh cover, wave cap and roller cap 1. mesh cover should be used with wave cap only, do not use mesh cover with the roller cap. 2. mesh cover used in combination with wave cap is suitable for areas which may cause hair entanglement. 3. do not use the roller cap in...