Sit Burn Faat Sugar Free Nutritional Supplement

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Sit  Burn Faat Sugar Free Nutritional Supplement
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Product details : A complete blend of soluble & insoluble fibre for positive weight managementmade of 100% food products, mixed in right proportion to give results. no complicated, unknown or magic ingredients.sit & burn faatan important part of vitrimin's acclerated natural fat burn program, takes your worry away - makes you taste the correct food! it consists of a complete blend of soluble &insolublefibre supplement for positive weight management.sit & burn faat achieves "fat loss-weight loss" thro seven different ways through first of its kind in the world, patented product.first - fills the stomach physically on consumption and give "full stomach feel" -"satiety".second - reduces the carving for fatty/ carbohydrate food whole day.third - reaches the stored fat in blood vessels, stomach, sub cutaneous tissue...