Thrasher Presents: Skate And Destroy

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Thrasher Presents: Skate And Destroy
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Product details : Move over, tony hawk. youve got some new competition gunning at you in this game, which features up-and-coming skaters who are both dangerously hip and recklessly rebellious. endorsed by skating bible thrasher magazine, this game captures the true spirit, style, and skill of the renegade freestyle street-skating culture. choose from several skaters, pick an outfit, and then select from one of 12 skateboarding locations, including the brooklyn bridge banks or l.a.s santa monica courthouse. these and other concrete temples are all based on real-life locations. there are more than 100 tricks to master, which is necessary if you want to unlock secret levels or outrun the donut-eating cops. since motion-capture technology was used to design the movement of each skater, each special move looks fairly...