Tub And Tile Spray Eucalyptus 28 Ounces

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Tub And Tile Spray Eucalyptus 28 Ounces
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Product details : Product Details : Tub 'n tile bathroom cleaner, it's like tnt for soap scum.your bathroom: its a naked kind of place. well, unless its surfaces are sporting a layer of harsh chemical residue from bleac.d ammoni.ed cleaners. thats dirty. this biodegradable formula takes away soap scum, hard water stains and mildew, leaving nothing but a sp.e eucalyptus mint scent in its wake. 28 ounces spray serving size: size: 28 oz. color: default brand: method model: mth00008 ingredients: no dirty ingredients like bleach in this product, meaning no nasty residues left over in the tub and no harmful chemicals to go down the drain. responsibly produced and a df.ognized formula make tub n tile spray healthy for home and planet. ingredients: corn/coconu.ived and biodegradable surfactants, potassium citrate, corn...