Wizard Works Robot Arena - PC

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Wizard Works Robot Arena - PC
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Product details : Brand : Wizard works, Description : Sparks will fly when these gladiators of steel enterthe ring!product informationbuilding yourself a robot is one thing. controlling it remotely is another. areyou talented enough to do both? let"s hope so or you won"t last long!? thepremise is simple: design your robot kick some butt and make some ca$h!modern metal gladiators battle to the death in robot arena. as the creator youbuild your robot then battle it against al that oppose you. try to destroy thecomputer"s powerful ai or fight one-on-one over lan or the internet. using axeshammers saw blades and more create your metallic monstrosity to destroy all inits path.product features 2 player multi-player battling over lan or internet every arena is loaded with traps and hazards - use these to your advantage...
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