Women's Apparel - Beautiful Women Body Shaping Under Garment

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Women's Apparel - Beautiful Women Body Shaping Under Garment
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Product details : Do you look in the mirror and wish you looked thinner?\nbeautiful women is a fantastic new slimming garment that flatters your figure and stays in place - makes you look inches smaller and pounds thinner instantly!\nslide into a slinky dress or a tailored business suit with confidence and without revealing bulges. unlike other slimming garments, slim n lift silhouette, slims and lifts from just below the bust line to above the knee. this process combines form and function - to sculpt, firm, trim, slenderise and lift all of your problem areas - without bulges. slim n lift is made of silky nylon and stretchy elastin, with a cotton gusset to keep you comfortable.\ngo from bulging and bumpy to tight and trim - from sagging and shapeless to firm and fantastic immediately and with no effort! and...
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